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Maintenance Program 

Doing the dirty work is our specialty. Whether you need help doing the odds and ends of basic home maintenance, if you are renovating and restoring your home, if you have just purchased a home andare making personal touches, or if you are getting a home ready for sale, A Star Home Technologies can help get your home in great shape and help you keep it that way with our Home Maintenance Program. Our Home Maintenance Program is designed to provide you with needed maintenance services on a routine schedule at discounted prices, making sure your home is taken care of, with less hassle and less expense, giving you more time to enjoy while the pros do the work.

The program begins with a free Home Maintenance Evaluation. We will inspect your homes roof, exterior, windows, air duct system and your dryer vent. We will then develop a service plan based on the unique circumstances of your home, your schedule and your budget, with services that might include routine window cleaning, routine gutter cleaning, pressure washing, air duct cleaning and sanitizing, dryer vent cleaning etc.

Once a plan has been developed for your needs, services will begin per the plan schedule. Upon Credit approval, Payments can be made in managable incriments  (monthly, bi-weekly, weekly). This provides a unique, more efficient, and intelligent way of taking care of your home. No other company in the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area can do that.

Home Maintenance Program Pricing


Our Maintenance Program customers enjoy a generous discount on their selected service bundles. Below is an example Home Maintenance Program Plan for a typical single family home. The selected services for this particular planare listed on the right. The Approximate schedule for the services is on the left. This plan has an approximate monthly installment payment of $48.00, or weekly installments of $12.00 (Figures and suggested services are hypothetical and for purpose of example.Special offers do not apply).



Approximate schedule


Window Cleaning

Twice annually (spring, fall)

Gutter Clean-out

Twice annually (spring, fall)

Home Exterior Pressure Washing

Annually (spring)

Air Duct Cleaning and Sanitizing

Annually (winter)

Dryer vent cleaning

Annually (winter)


To begin a Home Maintenance Evaluation for your home, please take a few minutes to fill out the Preliminary Evaluation form below. This form will provide us with basic information about the services that you are interested in, unique circumstances of your home, and allow us to begin to develop an outline for a plan to fill your needs, and provide you with an approxamation on the cost of your specific Maintenance Program, and arrange a FREE full inhome Maintenance Evaluation. 

You will need the following information to compete the Preliminary Evaluation:


-Home address

-Size of the Home (square footage)

-When was the home built, approx. age?

-How many floors are in the home?

-Do you have a basement, crawl space, walk-out basement?

-How many vents and returns are in your heating/cooling system?

- How long is your dryer vent line (exclude flex line, measurement from the exterior vent to the opening inside)?

-Do you have screens, filters, covers etc, on your gutters?

-What type is the exterior of your home (brick, stone, vinyl siding, aluminum siding)?

-How many windows, glass doors, storm doors, etc. do you have (please see our "How We Count Windows" page)?

-Do you have screens in your windows? How many?

-What type of windows do you have (double hung, casement, divided, storm windows, etc.)?



Maintaning your home is that easy with A-Star Home Technologies

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