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Air Duct Cleaning

Over time, your air circulation system can develop a buildup of contaminants. Vent covers and return covers can develop unsightly dust deposits and vent ducts and return ducts can collect contamination that is unseen.  Regular system maintenance can reduce the amount of airborne contamination in your family’s home, eliminate a source of potential mold and bacteria growth and circulation, identify ways to make your system more efficient, and prevent problems that may result in costly repairs. A-Star Home Technologies offers a full line of air circulation maintenance services to the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio Area: Evaluation and inspection, air duct cleaning,repair and sanitizing, A/C coil cleaning and sanitizing, air handler cleaning and sanitizing, air filtration, air purification and odor control. Workmanship 100% guaranteed.

Our full line of air circulation system services include:

-Inspection and evaluation

-Air duct cleaning

-Air handler cleaning

-A/C coil cleaning

-Duct repairs, insulation,sealing

-System sanitizing

-Air purification, filtration

-Odor control


Inspection and evaluation

Our certified technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your air circulation system using National Air Duct Cleaning Association guidlines provided by the EPA. This inspection includes your supply ducts, return ducts, furnace componants and filtration system. We will then provide you with a written evaluation of the circumstances of your paticular system.eaning Cincinnati Ohio window cleaning Cincinnati Ohio dryer vent cleaning Cincinnati Ohio pressure washing Cincinnati Ohio gutter cleaning Cincinnati Ohio gutter repair Cincinnti Ohio siding repair Cincinnti Ohio masonry repair Cincinnati Ohio roof repair Cincinnati Ohio hoe repair Cincinnati Ohio garage cleanout Cincinnati Ohio air duct cleaner Cincinnati Ohio window cleaner Cincinnati Ohio contractor Cincinnati Ohio business Cincinnati Ohio coupons Cincinnati Ohio special offers Cincinnati Ohio Angie's List Cincinnati Ohio green clean air Cincinnati Ohio best air duct cleaning Cincinnati Ohio Kleenrite Cincinnati Ohio BBB Cincinnati Ohio Newport Covington Erlanger Belview Northern Kentucky air duct window dryer vent gutter 

Air duct cleaning

We use state of the art technology and equipment and industry standard techniques to clean your system to exacting specifications. We use a wide range of brushes, compressed air nozzles and air whips to dislodge airborne dust, debris and contaminants from your ducts and powerful, three stage HEPA filtered collection machines to remove it from your system.

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Air handler cleaning and A/C coil cleaning

Insuring the best air quality possible for your home sometimes requires more than just the airborne dust, debris and contaminant removal from your air ducts. If required we can professionally clean  the mechanical componants of your system includung the air handler and A/C coil.

System treatments

Additionally, chemical treantments like EPA registered sanitizers can be applied safely to your system to kill lingering germs, bacteria, mold, and viruses. Along with basic sanitizing treatments, we offer treatments for odor control, mold control, smoke,soot and fire damage control. 

Whole home air purification

Turn your air circulation system into a high efficiency air purification system with the same technology used in medical facilities: germicidal UV lighting systems. These systems are high efficiency, low wattage lamps that can be installed into your duct work, that emit light in the ultra violet spectrum. Light in the UV spectrum functions like sunlight and treats the air as it passes to continually kill germs, bacteria, mold and viruses and to reduce/eliminate chemical odor, making your indoor air more like fresh outdoor air. These systems emit no harmful elements or chemicals such as ozone.

Air Filtration

Proper filtration is a key step to keeping your system clean and reducing the cost of maintenance and expensive repairs. Filtration also can reduce migration and circulation of contaminants such as dust, dander, pollen and mold spores in the air you breath A Star Home Technologies offers custom ordered, metal framed electrostatic furnace filters, with up to 94% particulate arrestance. These filters are washable and come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!!

Air Duct Cleaning Pricing

Please contact us for pricing information. References available upon request. Free Estimates for Greater Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky areas.