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A Star Home Technologies is proud to offer expert masonry construction services to the greater Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky areas; If it can be built out of brick, block, stone or cement, our highly trained and certified masons can build it, and build it right. From small projects, like flower planters and fire pits to large projects like building construction, A Star Home Technologies has the experience and skill you need to handle your brick masonry, stone masonry, block masonry or cement masonry project from start to finish. Long lasting, easy to maintain, and beautiful.....there is no other building material  quite like masonry; and there is no other masonry company like A Star Home Technologies.


Our full line of masonry services include:

-Natural stone, cultured stone, brick, block, cement

-Home exteriors

-Interior fire places, chimneys and hearths

-Structural masonry construction

-Exterior fire places and fire pits


-Retaining walls

-Landscaping design

-Patios and porches

-Flooring, counter tops, and wall covering

-Custume masonry and masonry design

-Outdoor areas and recreation spaces...... much more

Natural stone, cultured stone, brick, block cement......

If you are planning to build something, and want it to last, be easy to take care of and have a beatiful, classy appearance, then there is no other choice for building material like masonry building materials. If properly planned and installed, masonry construction will offer a life time of utility and beauty, with little, if any maintenance. If you want to have something built; something that will last and look great; you want to have it built with masonry, and you want A Star Home Technologies to be the company that builds it. A Star Home Technologies has the experience, skill, and training it takes to do the job right...... designing any project and building it out of any available masonry material.

Stone Masonry Design and Construction

A Star Home Technologies is THE priemer stone masonry company in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky areas. We have the experience and skill to handle all aspects of your stone masonry project from begining to end; from designing to cleaning and sealing; from residential mailboxes to commercial building construction. We can help you design, plan, construct and maintain your stone project.

Natural Stone

Natural Stone is an excellent choice for building material. It is available in many types, and is applicable for many purposes, provides low maintenance durabilty, and can be installed in many styles to fit any taste. A Star Home Technologies provides expert natural stone masonry design and installation for any project.            


Cultured Stone

Cultured Stone is artificle stone that is fabrcated to replicate the look and utility of natural stone. Cultured Stone is available in many types, shapes, colors, textures and sizes. Cultured stone can also be installed in various styles to meet any taste, and is suitable for most projects. Cultured stone offers a cost effective alternative to natural stone.  A Star Home Technologies provides expert Cultured stone masonry design and installation for any project.

Stock stone types are our base project materials, and are "common" and suitable for most projects and purposes. All actual stones may differ from stones pictured. Many other types of stone available, contact us for info.


Stock stone styles are examples of our base project styles. Various styles can be applied and combined for various projects and stone types. Many other styles available to suit any taste or purpose, contact us for info.


Brick is an excellent building material that looks great, is easy to maintain and long lasting. Due to the wide range of styles, colors, textures and sizes that brick is available in, it is well suited for most masonry projects, and brick can be installed in many different styles and patterns further adding to it's versitility and good looks. A Star Home Technologies provides expert brick masonry design and installation for any project.


Block masonry is a very versitle form of project contruction, offering both utility as a structural building material, as well as long lasting good looks. Masonry blocks come in many differnt styles and are suited for most masonry projects. If you are in need of block masonry design and construction, A Star Home Technologies is the company you need to contact

Masonry Pricing

Please contact us for pricing information. References available upon request. Free Estimates for Greater Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky areas.